2022 New England Cytometry Users Group Fall Meeting

The New England Cytometry Users Group’s annual Fall meeting was held on Thursday, October 27, 2022, at the Ragon Institute! 400 Technology Square, Cambridge MA. We were thrilled to have everyone back!   http://www.ragoninstitute.org/contact/

I have posted the presentations below (click on the talk name), except as noted, and included social media accounts when provided if you wish to connect with the speaker.

“Welcome Back!” Michael Waring–President, New England Cytometry

“System Serology of the Malaria Sporozoite Vaccine”: Jonathan Herman, Ragon Institute. Because this work is unpublished, you’ll have to wait for the paper to come out!

“Detecting CAR-T Cells to Improve Patient Outcomes”: Charlotte Graham, MGH

“Distinct immune functions in the bone marrow and their therapeutic applications”: Virginia Camacho, Boston Childrens Hospital

“Artificial Intelligence in Pathology”:  Fabienne Lucas and Drew Williamson, BWH

“The History of Flow Cytometry from Early Pioneers to Modern High Performance Systems.”: Diether Recktenwald (virtual)

As part of our final presentation slot, we held a Howard Shapiro remembrance and shared stories of his impact on not only the field of flow cytometry, but the PEOPLE of flow cytometry whom he held in such high regard.
We also asked the community for feedback and help to make NECyto what you the users want it to be! Contact info and social media info found below the vendors logos, or on the “Contact us” page!

As always, we had our “Impromptu” Boston User Group happy hour gathering at Cambridge Brewing Company, I hope you all enjoyed reconnecting with colleagues!

Thanks to all our vendors that sponsored our meeting this year!

2022 NECyto vendors

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updated 12/21/2022