Contact Us

Richard Konz

Vice Presidents
Michael Waring | Ragon Institute at Massachusetts General Hospital
Patricia Rogers | Broad Institute

Organizing Committee Members
Allen Parmelee | Tufts University School of Medicine
David Gebhard | Pfizer
Frederic Preffer | Massachusetts General Hospital
Glenn Paradis | Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Laura Prickett | AstraZeneca
Anna Belkina | Boston University

For website updates and job listings, please email
Join the Boston area mailing list for flow events and the monthly Boston User Group beer hour:

Other mailing lists and flow societies can be found here:

Former members of the Organizing Committee, thank you for your contributions!:
Mark Ryan, Pfizer
Maris Handley, MGH

In memoriam:
Marc Barnard, Abbvie, September 2014. You will be missed!



One Response to Contact Us

  1. Rick Perullo says:

    Greetings all,

    Great looking website and I’m looking forward to the annual fall meetings.

    I have two questions? Will there be vendor/exhibitor opportunities at the annual meeting?

    Also, I see that in your resource pages you list a number of antibody companies. Is there a possibility that Abgent could be added?

    Thanks in advance,


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