Columbia Biosciences ( specializes in the production of fluorescent dyes (specifically phycobiliproteins, APC, PE and PerCP) as well as antibody conjugates for life science and diagnostic applications. We have over 20 years of expertise in conjugation chemistry. In addition to providing the native dyes, tandems, and some small molecule dyes, we also offer custom antibody labeling services to produce conjugates for a variety of applications including flow cytometry, high throughput screening and point-of-care diagnostic assays. Our labeling service includes purification of the unconjugated reagents, UV/VIS analysis and Fluorometry.
Please contact Eva Tootleman at 609-306-5822 or for any inquiries or quotation requests.

Links for other vendors. If you are the rep, you are welcome to send a brief description of your products as well as contact info.


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