Fluorish is an online community for scientists focused on providing tools for the flow cytometry workflow. Locate reagents from over 10 major suppliers of flow cytometry reagents, quickly build or modify antibody panels specific to your instrument using our PanelBuilder software, manage lab inventory with fellow lab members, and link to your flow cytometry core to view and download instrumentation. Best of all, it is all free. Join today and start Fluorishing!

Fluorofinder is a free online panel design resource for the flow cytometry community.  The tool is both easy to use and powerful with over 100,000 products from 18 companies and growing.  Simply select your core facility cytometer, define your antibodies and dyes, and select products that work together on your cytometer.  Once designed, you can save, print, email, and share your panel with colleagues.  Many more features are available including selectors for Antigen Density, Viability Dyes, Fluorescent Proteins and a Dump Channel.  Simplify panel design today with FluoroFinder!

Chromocyte has their own list of software and other resources.

Software tutorials:

BD Biosciences (Index of files here or go to and click on Support>Training and then click on “e-Learning”) :
–BD’s online software tutorial for FACSDiva v6 on the LSRs (works in Explorer, I could not get it to work in Firefox.)
CellQuest Pro Software Acquisition Tutorial
–CellQuest Pro Analysis Tutorial

Flowjo PDF and interactive tutorials

Verity Software Tutorials (Modfit is at bottom of page)

Last modified 7/21/15


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