2017 New England Cytometry User Group Fall Meeting

The New England Cytometry Users Group’s annual Fall meeting will be October 19, 2017, from 8:00 am to 5 pm, in the Mark and Lisa Schwartz Auditorium of the Ragon Institute at 400 Technology Square in Cambridge MA. We hope you will join us!

Advance registration is preferred, rates are the same as last year (participants only $50.00)!! To register online, go to:

On-site registration will be available at a slightly higher rate than pre-registration, so if you have a last-minute sort cancellation and you find yourself free, come on by!

Doors open for vendor setup at 7 am, in 100/200 Technology Square. Vendor information is available here.

There will be parking on-site at the 800 Technology Square Garage, $5 for the day. Take a ticket when you enter the garage and tell the attendant on the way out that you were at the meeting.

Our speaker lineup is as follows:

8:00am-9:00am:  Registration (400 TS lobby) and Breakfast (100/200TS Atrium)

9:05am-9:15am: “Welcome and Introduction”
Mike Waring: Director, Ragon Institute Imaging Core
Rich Konz: President, New England Cytometry

9:15am-10:05am:  “Understanding the immune composition of human lung cancer using spatially resolved and multiplexed/quantitative analysis”
Kurt Schalper MD., PhD. Yale Medical School Depts of Pathology and Medicine

10:05am-10:55am: “Automated Deep Immune Profiling Using Mass Cytometry”
Bruce Bagwell MD., PhD. Verity Software

10:55am-12:20pm:  Lunch-(85 minutes), please visit with our vendors who support the meeting!
New this year is that Mike W will be offering an “Intro to Flow” presentation in the auditorium starting at 11:30, for our newer members (all are welcome).

12:20pm-1:10pm “Learning about human cancer, one fish at a time”
Dave Langenau PhD. Dept of Pathology MGH

1:10pm-2:00pm“3-Dimensional Imaging in Cytology–New Technology and Use Applications”  David Wilbur, MD. Dept. of Pathology MGH

2:00pm-2:50pm:  Afternoon Break–50 min–Please visit our vendors that sponsor the meeting!

2:50pm-3:40pm: “Imaging flow cytometry analysis of neutrophils and macrophages derived from ex-vivo cultured murine bone marrow”  Margery Pelletier PhD UMass Lowell, Dept. Biomedical Engineering and Biotechnology

3:40pm-4:30pm: “Ultrasensitive immunoassay for quantification of single cell analytes”  J. Phillip McCoy, PhD NIH

Post-Meeting Boston User Group meeting at Cambridge Brewing Company.