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If you have a position (primarily in New England/Northeast US) you would like to post, please email details (INCLUDE A PDF OF THE JOB DESCRIPTION) and relevant links to

For more national postings, there are several resources:

Purdue University Cytometry Lab message board Job page


ISAC (searching requires a paid membership):

ExCyte (Expert Cytometry) includes a job listing in their weekly bulletins:
If you are an academic center and would like your job posted, please send details by using this link – Academic Job posting.
For industrial and biotech positions, please inquire here with this link – Job posting inquiry.

Postings will be removed after 6 months or upon notification that the position has been filled.

  • 1/12/23 Staff Scientist, Flow Cytometry Core, Yale, West Haven CT. details here (pdf). Apply here (link)
  • 12/1/22 Sr. Principal Research Associate, Flow Cytometry Core Laboratory, Moderna, Cambridge MA. Details HERE.
  • 11/15/22 CyTOF operator, Novartis, Cambridge MA. Details HERE.
  • 9/27/22 Flow Cytometry Specialist, Novartis Cambridge MA, details HERE, apply HERE.
  • 9/14/22 Senior Associate Scientist, Flow Cytometry. Pfizer, Cambridge MA. Details HERE.
  • 8/12/22 Flow Cytometry Research Technologist, Ragon Institute of MGH, MIT and Harvard, Cambridge MA. Details  HERE.
  • 8/12/22 Technical Associate II, Flow cytometry core, Koch Institute of MIT, Cambridge MA. Details HERE
  • 8/12/22 Cytometry Specialist I/II (level commensurate with experience); Flow Cytometry Resource Facility, Princeton University, Princeton NJ. Details HERE

Filled or removed, if it is your listing and you would like to repost, please let me know!

  • 7/20/22 Head of Oncology and Cell Therapy-Flow Cytometry, Takeda, Boston MA. Details HERE.
  • 7/20/22 Technical Application Scientist, Immudex. Territory covers North America. Details HERE.
  • 5/5/2022 Senior Scientist to lead flow cytometry unit, Moderna, Cambridge MA. Details HERE
  • 1/6/22 Flow Cytometry Core Manager/Director, Whitehead Institute Cambridge MA. Details HERE.
  • 9/22/21 Immune Monitoring Specialist for Northeast USA/Canada, Immudex. Details here.
  • 8/18/21 Senior Lab Specialist Flow Cytometry, Taconic Biosciences, Rensselear NY. Info found HERE.
  • 7/20/21 Flow Core Technician/Technologist, Ragon Institute of MGH, MIT and Harvard, Cambridge MA. Experience preferred but willing to train.
    or email me directly
  • 7/20/21 Flow Cytometry Technical Assistant I, Whitehead Institute, Cambridge MA.  details HERE
  • 7/20/21 Flow Cytometry Technical Assistant II, Whitehead Institute, Cambridge MA. details HERE
  • 5/6/21 Flow Tech I, Dana Farber Cancer Institute, Boston MA. Posting here, apply at
  • 4/19/2021 Scientist, Immuno-Oncology, Flow and CyTOF. Dana Farber Cancer Institute, Boston MA. Posting here, apply

2013 Flow Cytometry Survey Thanks to Stephen Kwok for compiling the information for this salary survey.

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