2018 New England Cytometry Users Group Fall Meeting

Thank you all for joining us at the New England Cytometry Users Group’s annual Fall meeting at the Ragon Institute on October 25th, 2018, at 400 Technology Square in Cambridge MA.

We were pleased to have the following speakers provide the day’s talks. The ones we are able to share have been posted.

25 Years of NECyto” Peter Lopez

Toward an HIV Vaccine: Learning From Patients Bruce Walker, Director, Ragon Institute of MGH, MIT and Harvard

Combining FACS, High Resolution Mass-Spectrometry, and Single Cell Sequencing for Social Network Analysis of Immune Cells Mike Stadnisky, BD Biosciences/Flowjo

Multiplexed Multispectral Imaging of Tumor Tissue” Shannon Stott, MGH

The following talks are not publicly available–be sure to attend next time so you don’t miss anything!

CRISPR-Cas Technologies for Understanding and Treating Disease ” Keith Joung, MGH

Unraveling New Insights into Human Immune System Landscape Once Cell at a Time” Chloe Villani, Broad Institute

Spectral Data Analysis for Flow and Image Cytometry” David Novo, DeNovo Software

Closing Remarks” Howard Shapiro