Flow Cytometers

There is a product wiki that has reviews and listings of different systems:

Expert Cytometry (ExCYTE) has posted a product review page (3/2016):

FlowMetric Inc is a leading provider of flow cytometry and cell sorting services, and  hosts a few links that may be useful:
Blog  https://www.flowcytometryservices.com/cytometry-blog
White Papers  https://www.flowcytometryservices.com/flow-cytometry-white-papers
Infographics & Charts https://www.flowcytometryservices.com/infographics-charts

Below is a partial list of manufacturers:
Accuri CytometersAccuri Cytometers, Inc. is a life science company developing and marketing revolutionary high performance cell analysis systems designed to bring the power of flow cytometry into the labs of life sciences researchers everywhere. Reflecting the input of hundreds of researchers, the Accuri C6 Flow Cytometer® is a full featured bench-top cell and bead analysis system that provides similar capabilities to those of industry-leading flow cytometers in an easy-to-use format and at a fraction of their cost. The Accuri system was engineered from the start to be compact, powerful and user-friendly, while also being affordable by most research laboratories. The Accuri CSampler™ adds simple, reliable and user-friendly automation to the Accuri C6 Flow Cytometer System.

Apogee Flow SystemsApogee Flow Systems Ltd was incorporated in the year 2000 and soon established a strong foundation to its business, initially through sales to the environmental bacteria detection market.
Our staff are key to the success of the business and continuously strive to deliver innovative new products while maintaining the highest standards in manufacturing and technical support.

AmnisAmnis designs, manufactures and markets leading cell imaging instrumentation for the research and clinical markets. The Company’s flagship product is the ImageStream system, which combines the speed and sensitivity of flow cytometry with the power of high resolution digital microscopy. As the only technology capable of imaging cells at high speed directly in bodily fluids, ImageStream enables unique, non-invasive diagnostic applications. These applications include residual disease detection via high throughput FISH, circulating endothelial cell and tumor cell analysis, and advanced automated hematology based on multi-color phenotyping combined with histochemical staining.
Amnis was founded in 1999 and has generated ~50% annualized revenue growth since inception. The Company holds 32 issued US patents and has 55 pending patents covering applications, subsystems, and the ImageStream architecture for imaging both in flow and on substrates. Amnis is privately held and benefits from a strong investor group that includes MedVenture Associates, Crown Venture Fund, and OrbiMed Capital.

Bay bioscienceBay bioscience Co., Ltd. develops, manufactures and sells the New Generation Desktop Cell Sorter, JSAN. And also we have the exclusive sales rights in Japan for the monoclonal antibodies produced by eBioscience. Through these corporate activities, we make our best efforts to contribute the research and development in the life science fields.

BD BiosciencesBD Biosciences is a world leader in bringing innovative tools to research and clinical laboratories in basic research, drug discovery and development, biopharmaceutical production, and disease management.
At BD Biosciences, we innovate to keep you in a perpetual state of the art, because when we do, your work goes more smoothly, clearing the way to faster discovery and better clinical care.

Beckman CoulterBeckman Coulter develops, manufactures and markets products that simplify, automate and innovate complex biomedical testing. Our diagnostic systems are found in hospitals and other critical care settings around the world and produce information used by physicians to diagnose disease, make treatment decisions and monitor patients. Scientists use our life science research instruments to study complex biological problems including causes of disease and potential new therapies or drugs.
Hospital laboratories are our core clinical diagnostic customers. Our life science customers include pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, universities, medical schools and research institutions. Beckman Coulter has an installed base of more than 200,000 clinical and research systems operating in laboratories around the world. Recurring revenue, consisting of consumable supplies (including reagent test kits), service and operating-type lease payments, represent about 80% of the company’s 2009 revenue of $3.26 billion.

Biomedical Photometrics – At Biomedical Photometrics, we’re ushering in a new era in confocal microscopy that enables panoramic fluorescence and brightfield imaging of tissues and cells for basic research and clinical drug development.
By harnessing the imaging power of telecentric laser scan lenses in place of conventional microscope objectives, our automated laser scanning imaging systems provide an imaging area more than 100 times that of a standard microscope, with the same resolution.
The result: Large-specimen, high-resolution imaging that dramatically improves measurement of protein and gene expression and rapidly delivers advanced information about the molecular biology of diseased tissue.

Blue Lion BioTechlocated in Snoqualmie, Washington. We’re your one-stop source for quality biotech equipment and service. We prefer the small business approach to buying and selling lab equipment.
Blue Lion Biotech, LLC truly proves the old adage that “bigger is not always better”. The size of our company enables us to focus attention on each customer as a valued partner. Our foremost concern is meeting and exceeding our customer expectations. The flexibility of Blue Lion Biotech, LLC, coupled with a high quality product and a hands-on style of management has been a winning formula. This formula will, undoubtedly, continue to yield the same results in the next decade.
In only a few years, biotechnology, specifically mass spectrometry technology, has developed into an essential analytical technique in many industries and application areas. The use of such equipment has become routine in many of today’s academic and commercial laboratories. It is essential to exploit fully the performance of each instrument during its lifetime. Many core facilities and many new bioscience biotech companies often have policies or opinions that dictate that they should only purchase brand new lab instrumentation. As we all know the prices of service contracts and consumables are added on which add significantly to the costs of having the necessary equipment to perform the service. At the same time the technology is ever changing and what is state of the art today may be and often is suddenly out-moded by a new latest version of the instrument a couple of years later. So brand new instruments rapidly become the slower old one or often consume larger amounts expensive reagents, are less efficient, less productive or less sensitive and precise than the latest models.
Labs that consider and purchase pre-owned, test checked, refurbished, upgraded, warranted equipment save significant money and thus, their cost of equipment is vastly less than that of those who purchase brand new instrumentation. Their costs are less so they can offer services at lower rates.
On occasion, the Blue Lion team researches and finds lab instruments that are brand new in the original box/packaging. We also find unused that are current models fully supported by their manufacturers. These are typically sold at greatly discounted prices and are great deals. The point is in these cases, perfectly operational reliable equipment is obtained with huge savings and thus the cost per test for consumables is easily covered in analysis service fees. This allows profit that can be applied towards service contracts, consumables stock supplies, and other instruments.

Brightwell TechnologiesMicro-Flow ImagingTM or MFI. MFI is a particle characterization technology which delivers new and valuable insights for a broad range of pharmaceutical, bioprocessing, biotechnology, cell biology, materials sciences, and environmental applications.
MFI integrates digital microscopy, micro-fluidics and image processing into a single instrument for automatic analysis of particles or cells suspended in liquids. MFI operates by capturing images from the sample as it passes through the flow cell’s sensing zone.

Celulafounded in May of 2005 to address unmet needs in clinical diagnostics and biomedical research. We develop and manufacture unique instrument systems driven by the needs of applications. We hold exclusive rights to technology developed by the Company and acquired from the University of California and the University of Illinois. We are located in San Diego near the beach communities of Del Mar and La Jolla.

CompuCytedevelops Laser Scanning Cytometry products for cell-based and tissue analysis, using advances in optics, computer technology, and imaging techniques. CompuCyte’s products provide life scientists, pharmaceutical researchers, and clinical laboratory professionals with unique high-information content analysis and reporting capabilities for discovery and objective characterization of the biophysical and biochemical cellular processes that define the normal and disease states.

Cambridge Research & Instrumentation (CRi) – develops and markets optical imaging systems to advance biomedical research and molecular-based drug and diagnostic development. CRi’s patented systems enable researchers and clinicians to quantitate multiple disease and drug response markers in intact tissue samples, at a cellular level or in living small animals.

Cytek Flow Cytometry Productsa leading manufacturer and supplier of flow cytometry products and services. We are engineers, scientists and customer service representatives who design, build and support upgrades for flow cytometers.
Started in 1990 by Dr. Eric Chase and Harvey Schulte, Cytek Development Inc. made its name developing accessories to improve cytometer function. During this time, products such as the Time Zero Kinetic Accessory and 20-Liter Upgrade reflected our commitment to listen to scientists and create products they need.
Early in 2002, scientists began asking questions like “Can Cytek upgrade my existing FacScan to detect APC ?” We then realized there was a demand for customized equipment that would respond precisely to our customer’s needs. In response, we developed our first upgrade, the 5-color xP5. We now offer an extensive product line of DxP, or digital extra parameters, with a wide array of additional lasers and detectors to help our customers expand cytometer capacity without the high cost of buying new.

CytoBuoyManufacturer of flow cytometry instruments for quick analysis of particles in a fluid. Instrumentation for particle counting, characterization, sorting and classification. Providing solutions for various applications.

CytonomeST – develops, manufactures, and markets clinical grade optical cell sorting technology. Cytonome’s Gigasort system is the only clinical grade, cGMP compliant optical cell sorter built around a closed, sterile and disposable cartridge to guarantee operator safety and sample isolation. Cytonome’s revolutionary technology can be used for the precise and safe selection of discrete cell subpopulations. Gigasort™ technology has been designed for use  in cGMP cell production environments where investigators wish to transition pre-clinical protocols to clinical production and develop new cell therapy inventions. The Gigasort™ cell sorter will enable a broad array of cell and gene therapies, including new treatments for cancer, autoimmune disease and regenerative medicine applications.

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