Cytometry Training

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Online tutorials

Training Courses

  • Annual Research Course in Flow Cytometry – This course is taught by leaders in the field who have many years of hands-on teaching experience. In contrast to other flow courses, this one includes in-depth coverage of the underlying principles of flow (optics, engineering, detection, data acquisition/analysis, probe technology), as well as teaching the entire spectrum of applications in medicine and biology. The cornerstone of this course is a large set of hands-on laboratories that provide comprehensive coverage of the field, while allowing students to design their learning experience according to their individual interests and needs. Updates this year include new lectures and labs on microfluidic analysis/sorting, flow cytometry of extracellular vesicles, bead-based assays and analysis/sorting of large particles. Our approach facilitates intimate, small group interactions with instructors and fellow students interested in the subject, and so encourages networking and long term friendships. The laboratories use a wide range of flow cytometers and sorters, from the instrument the participants construct in the “Build It” lab to the most up-to-date commercial instruments from many of the leading vendors. Evening sessions include a vendors’ night during which participants can get hands-on experience with all of the instruments, an informal session on cutting-edge instrument development, and a Keynote lecture by Dr. David Basiji, a pioneer in the field of imaging flow cytometry, followed by a banquet and live entertainment at El Pinto restaurant. For more information, testimonials and to register, visit our website.
  • ExCyte is a concierge service for flow cytometry professionals.  We bring the entire field of flow cytometry to your doorstep.  Whether you are a core manager looking to keep your users on the cutting edge, or a business professional looking to enter into this rapidly growing market, ExCyte can help.  We have the information and experience you need.
  • Flocyte Training Institute – Designed to bring training to your location! expert cytometrists as instructors, Experienced on all flow cytometry instrumentation, analysis platforms and in all types of flow applications! We bring state of the art training to YOUR location. Our training is designed to help you and your flow users get the  MOST out of this amazing technology.
  • International Society for Advancement of Cytometry (ISAC)–Select “Educational resources” from the menu on the left and then click on “Presentations” to find a vast resource of presentations from other groups. The “Tutorials from CYTO 2010” has many great presentations as well.

Further Reading

Thermofisher microscopy and flow videos:

Tutorials (under 20 min each):
Intro to Fluorescence:
Anatomy of Fluorescence spectra:
Introduction to Flow Cytometry:
Filters and light sources:
Analyzing Flow data:

Webinars (under 1 hour each):
Basics of Flow Cytometry I: (56 min)
Basics II: Compensation:  (49 min)
Panel Design: (57 min)
Choosing fluorochromes:


Last update 2/8/2023

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