Cytometry Training

Online tutorials

  • Invitrogen-Tutorials on fluorescence, spectra, optical filters, flow, and data analysis
  • Online tutorial and quiz on Compensation from Dr. Mario Roederer
  • BD Biosciences training. – Web-based course | Objectives: define key flow cytometry terms, describe and explain key flow cytometry principles, discuss the components and functions of the fluidics, optics, and electronics systems, explain how data is analyzed, and describe the sorting process on flow cytometers.
  • Dako’s Flow Cytometry Education guide is still available online (as of 12/9/15).  Additional materials here.
  • Intracellular Staining (ICS) information from BD.

Training Courses

  • Annual Research Course in Flow Cytometry – Every year a flow cytometry applications course for experienced users is taught. It is co-directed by the NFCR and Verity Software House. The location alternates between Albuquerque, New Mexico (in odd years) and Brunswick, Maine (in even years). The focus of the course is advanced research applications in flow cytometry. The faculty includes nearly a dozen researchers who present lecture and lab classes on topics including quantitative cytometry, cell activation, chromosome analysis, platelets, DNA content, cell tracking, apoptosis, intracellular cytokines, MDR, FISH, multicolor immunophenotyping and compensation, computer analyses and the inner workings of the flow cytometer.
  • ExCyte is a concierge service for flow cytometry professionals.  We bring the entire field of flow cytometry to your doorstep.  Whether you are a core manager looking to keep your users on the cutting edge, or a business professional looking to enter into this rapidly growing market, ExCyte can help.  We have the information and experience you need.
  • Flocyte Training Institute – Designed to bring training to your location! expert cytometrists as instructors, Experienced on all flow cytometry instrumentation, analysis platforms and in all types of flow applications! We bring state of the art training to YOUR location. Our training is designed to help you and your flow users get the  MOST out of this amazing technology.
  • International Society for Advancement of Cytometry (ISAC)–Select “Educational resources” from the menu on the left and then click on “Presentations” to find a vast resource of presentations from other groups. The “Tutorials from CYTO 2010” has many great presentations as well.

Further Reading

  • Practical Flow Cytometry, 4th Edition 
    view in your browser here:
  • Cytometry: First Principals.  Alice Given
  • In Living Color: Protocols in Flow Cytometry and Cell Sorting.  Diamond and DeMaggio
  • Flow Cytometry-a Basic Introduction.  Michael Ormerod.  Available free online courtesy of DeNovo Software:
  • Current Protocols in Cytometry.  Wiley and sons, publisher.

Suggestions for additional links can be submitted as comments.
Last update 1/30/17

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