NECyto Fall Meeting and call for engagement!

Dear New England Cytometry community,

The New England Cytometry (NECyto) organizing committee is currently working on our annual meeting (27 October at the Ragon Institute). This will be our first in-person meeting since 2019, and we are excited to host a collaborative day of cutting-edge cytometry and networking with colleagues.

New England Cytometry was founded to gather scientists, physicians, and shared resource lab members who use these technologies. As our technology and community has grown and changed over the past 27 years, our past leaders have been instrumental to the continuity of this meeting. Without their work, NECyto would not be here today.

We need your help to create a roadmap for the future of NECyto.  On Monday we will send a link to a Google Form where you may anonymously submit thoughts and ideas.  We will then host an open discussion at this year’s annual meeting.  We welcome feedback from all cytometrists – academic researchers, core managers and technicians, biotech scientists – anyone who benefits from our local community.


New England Cytometry Organizing Committee

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