NECyto recap and contact info

Thanks to all who attended NECyto 2019 as a registrant, vendor, or speaker, it was a great day (if you don’t mind a little wind…). Some of the slide decks have been posted on the meetings page, some will not be made publicly available. Be sure to come next year so you don’t miss a thing!

A reminder that we have lots of ways to get in touch with us. Our email is, and we are also on Twitter, FB, LinkedIn, and Instagram! And don’t forget the ISAC social forum. For new users in the area, there is the HSFC mailing list (High Speed Flow Cytometry) for local announcements and events! Visit: to join.
This info is now on our “Contact Us” page as well.

We are looking for new members for the organizing committee,  to bring in some fresh ideas and extra hands! If you have ideas but no time, we are happy to hear from you as well. Speakers for next year, content for the blog, anything you’d like your local professional society to provide. Use any of the platforms listed above (email is probably the most reliable).

Finally, I didn’t realize it had been over a year since I added to the “humor” page, so enjoy the latest addition. There are several older creations that haven’t made it on there yet, I’ll get those posted in the near future.



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