Talk titles for NECyto 2019

Optimist: Glass is half full.  Pessimist: Glass is half empty.  Cytometrist: glass starts out half empty, but is full by the end of the sort!

October 17th will be upon us soon, and I know you are all eager to know what we will talk about at NECyto and to get registered! Well the server we’ve been using for registration is in transition, and we’ll get that launched as soon as we can. In the meantime, we will post the talk titles so you know what we will be presenting!

-Jon Fallon and Allison Demas, Ragon Institute: “Using high throughput, flow-based tools to guide the development of functionalized malaria antibodies.”
-Greg Behbehani, Ohio State University. “Applications of mass cytometry in myeloid malignancies”
-Anne Carpenter, Broad Institute. “A picture is worth a million numbers: Targeting disease by profiling cells via microscopy and imaging flow cytometry”
-Kelly Lundsten Biolegend. “A new age in spectral detection: expanding and upgrading fluorophore selection”
-Marcela Maus MGH: “CAR T cells: a new role for cytometry.”
-Joe Trotter, BD Biosciences: “Future of Sorting.”

For the Vendors! Please visit this link for information about the meeting:
We will send out an announcement when registration goes live.

We look forward to seeing everyone!
Mike Waring
President, New England Cytometry
Director, Ragon Institute Imaging Core

Reminder: we are now on Twitter (@NECytometry)
and FaceBook (New England Cytometry)!

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