2017 NECyto User Group Meeting update

This year’s meeting is fast approaching! Only 5 weeks to go!

Online registration site for the 2017 Fall meeting is now live:

During our extended lunch time for visiting with vendors that support our meeting, we will be having an “Intro to Flow” talk for the newer members of the flow community.

This year’s talks will be:

“Automated Deep Immune Profiling Using Mass Cytometry”
Bruce Bagwell MD., PhD. Verity Software

“Learning about human cancer, one fish at a time”
Dave Langenau PhD. Dept of Pathology MGH

“Understanding the immune composition of human lung cancer using spatially resolved and multiplexed/quantitative analysis”
Kurt Schalper MD., PhD. Yale Medical School Depts of Pathology and Medicine

“Ultrasensitive immunoassay for quantification of single cell analytes”
J. Phillip McCoy, PhD NIH

“Imaging flow cytometry analysis of neutrophils and macrophages derived from ex-vivo cultured murine bone marrow”
Margery Pelletier PhD. UMass Lowell, Dept. Biomedical Engineering and Biotechnology

“3-Dimensional Imaging in Cytology–New Technology and Use Applications”
David Wilbur, MD. Dept. of Pathology MGH

Visit the event page for future updates:

We hope to see you there!

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