NECyto 2015 registration link

Online registration for the 2015 New England Cytometry User Group annual meeting is now active:

This years talks:
“Alternative Aerosol Testing Methods”
Mike Waring/Mike Xie–Ragon Institute

“Automating Clinical Lab Analysis:  CD34+ Stem Cell Enumeration: A Software Perspective”
Bruce Bagwell/Beth Hill–Verity Software House

“Evolving Strategies and Technologies in Cell Sorting and Separation”
Joe Trotter–BD Biosciences

“Tunable laser technology for flow cytometry”
William Telford–NIH/NCI

“Targetable biosensors for high throughput drug discovery”
Alan Waggoner–Carnegie Mellon University

“Identifying and Quantifying Heterogeneity in High Content Analysis:  Application of Heterogeneity Indices to Drug Discovery”
Albert Gough–University of Pittsburgh

“The Use of Imaging Flow Cytometry as a Support Tool for the Traditional Flow Lab”
Scott Mordecai–ISXperts

We hope you will join us!
The NECyto Organizing Committee

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